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Cheap Lawsuit Loans 2021

Redwood Funding Group never charges fees and never compounds the interest. One Fixed Rate of 15%. Borrow $1,000, You Owe $150 Every Six Months. That’s It!.

Cheap Lawsuit Loans:

Are you looking for Cheap Lawsuit Loans? Are you having a hard time choosing what lawsuit loan company to use. The answer is easy: Redwood Funding Group. Why? Redwood Funding never charges fees. We never compound the interest. All you pay is 15% fixed of the principal every six months you have our money. No lawsuit loan company in America will or can offer you this deal.

Step 1: Do You Need A Lawsuit Loan:

If you are the victim of an accident you might need a Cheap Lawsuit Loan. Why? First, you probably suffered some injuries as a result of the accident. Consequently, you might not be able to continue working, if you have a job.  Hence, this might mean that you don’t have money coming in. However, you definitely still have those phone bills, the rent and food bills. Also, you probably need to pay to get to those doctors visits.

What are your choices?

Step 2: Choosing the Right Pre Settlement Funder:

You may never have heard of Pre Settlement Funding. What does it all mean and how can it help you?  A Cheap Lawsuit Loan can give you money upfront to pay your bills or spend the money however you need.

There are many lawsuit loan companies out there and the trick on which to choose will be answered right here. Pre Settlement Companies are a dime a dozen. They all have slick websites and advertisements. You might be attracted to their “low rates” or “no risk” offers. Here’s the answer: Choose a Cheap Lawsuit Loan company that will deliver your money fast and easy.

Step 3: Confused About The Right Lawsuit Loan?:

If you are seeking a Cheap Lawsuit Loan or a Pre Settlement Loan then you have to ask 3 questions every person that answers the telephone when you call to ask:

  1. Do you charge fees?
  2. Do you compound your interest rate?
  3. What exactly will I owe for the amount I borrow after 1, 2, and 3 years?


Almost all lawsuit loans companies charge fees. These fees are called application, underwriting or management fees. Furthermore, some of the gutsy litigation funders will also charge closing or middle of the case management fees. Consequently, these fees can be from $100 to $500. Above all, what the litigation funder will do is add the fee to the principal you are borrowing.

Therefore, in addition to having to pay interest [we will get to that] on your principal, most funders make you pay interest on the fee as well. For example, if you borrow $1,000 and the fee is           $200, your interest will be based upon $1,200. However, you are only taking home $1,000 [ at this point, at least].


Compound interest is interest on top of the previous periods interest. If that period is one year, great. However, if the interest is compounded  monthly then 3% is really 75% a year.  That doubles in 1 and one half years. $2,400 in 18 months. Do not use a lawsuit loan company that compounds interest. In our opinion, companies that compound interest are  deceptive. Lastly, look for Pre Settlement finance companies that don’t compound the interest.

What Will I Owe Exactly?:

When you call these other Pre Settlement Funding companies, most will not answer your questions directly. Consequently, when you ask them ‘exactly how much I will owe after 1,2, or 3 years?’ they won’t give you the answer. This is due to the fact that they don’t want to scare you off and hang up. They will say something like ‘this is not my department’ or ‘we need more information’. For these lawsuit funding companies we would hang up.

Other Lawsuit Loan companies will give you an answer about how much you will owe. However, we guarantee that the amount quoted to you on the telephone will be higher than Redwood Funding Group.

Redwood Funding Group:

RFG is so confident that we have the cheapest lawsuit loans in the country that we post the repayment schedule on our website. Go to this website and see our Guaranteed Repayment Schedule. Compare it to any other Pre Settlement Loan company in the nation. You will see that we back up what we say with proof. Easy, Cheap Lawsuit Loans.

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