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Georgia Pre Settlement Georgia Legal Funding

Pre Settlement Funding Georgia

Redwood Funding Group: If you were injured in an accident and you are having trouble paying some bills you might need pre settlement funding. As a result, Redwood Funding Group provides legal funding so that you can relax during the pendency of your lawsuit. Compare the rates of Redwood...

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The Best Pre Settlement Funding Accident Loans

Why Might You Need Pre Settlement Funding: Suddenly you are an accident victim. Due to the accident you lost your job or are unable to work. You have bills piling up. The rent is due, car payments, insurance payments, food. You have a great case but you also can’t...

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Control, Champerty & Fees in Legal Funding

Control and Champerty: The American Bar Association requires an attorney to use care in all contracts. This applies also to control and champerty in legal funding.  Specifically, all contracts follow the rules of the American Bar Association. This includes, rule 5.4c’s prohibition against compromising the lawyers independent  judgement. It...

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Privilege and Work Product Protection

Work Product & Privilege: What does work product and privilege mean to the lawsuit funding client?  Work product means writings, notes, memorandum and reports on conversations with the client or witnesses. It involves research and materials that include an attorney’s impressions, conclusions, opinions, or theories. Work product materials are...

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Ethics and Accident Funding

Ethics and Accident Funding: Accident funding has caused a debate among states on how to deal with the ethics of these kinds of arrangements. In some states they are still catching up and on regulating this new field.. Consequently, there are several  ethical issues a lawyer must deal with...

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Pre Settlement, Litigation Finance & Ethics

Redwood Funding Group: There are 3 questions to ask yourself if you seek pre settlement funding. 1) Does the company charge fees?  Most funders do charge fees. Redwood Funding does not charge any fees in any form. 2) Does the funder compound their rate of interest. Most funders compound...

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The Legal Funding Parties

Introducing the Accident Funding Players: Typically, when one thinks of legal funding we really only think about a person getting an advance from a company. It is a little more complicated then that. For a legal funding agreement to work one must think of those involved as a triad...

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litigation funding, accident funding and lawsuit funding

Is Pre Settlement Funding Right For You

Is Pre Settlement Funding Problem Free: Pre settlement funding is not for everybody. A major criticisms of legal funding is that it encourages frivolous lawsuits. People assume that they will be able to obtain lawsuit funding so they may just go ahead and sue without thinking. However, the funding...

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Lawsuit Funding Solves The Financial Problem

Lawsuit Funding is Not A Bank Loan: Lawsuit funding has many benefits.  However, if people begin to compare accident funding to bank loans they are going to be very confused. Legal funding is not a loan. The advance is non-recourse meaning it does not have to be repaid if...

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accident Funding, Legal Funding and Pre Settlement Funding with No Fees or Compound Interest, Ever!

Accident Funding, Legal Funding & Pre Settlement Funding

Definition of  Accident Funding: Accident Funding. Legal Funding. Pre Settlement Funding. If you can’t pay your turn to legal funding for money.  Legal funding companies provide money to those who otherwise can’t get it. It can mean the difference between having a lawsuit or none at all. In particular,...

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