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Redwood Funding Group never charges fees and never compounds the interest. One Fixed Rate of 15%. Borrow $1,000, You Owe $150 Every Six Months. That’s It!.

Whether you are a client of The Brown Firm or another great accident law firm in Georgia, Redwood Funding is here to help. Redwood Funding Group wants you to know that our doors are wide open to fund those in financial need with an Car Accident or Accident Loan.

The Brown Firm Define Accident Law:

If you have been injured in an accident and have several bills to pay then you might need an Accident Funding from Redwood Funding Group. What is an Car Accident or Auto Accident Funding and how do we get one?

A Car Accident Funding or Accident Funding is actually a cash advance against any potential settlement from the case. This means that they are contingent upon the existence of a settlement—if you don’t receive a legal settlement, then you are not required to repay any of the amount borrowed.

Car Accident Settlement Loan:

Obtaining a Car Accident Settlement Loan in Georgia is non recourse (which means that you only pay it back if you win your case). So in fact, a Car Accident Loan or AccidentFunding is not really a loan at all. That is why we call it a Car Accident Cash Advance.

How Can I get a Loan from My Lawsuit:

You apply online at any of the dozens of Auto Accident Funding or Accident Loan companies. They will evaluate the case on its merits. If the Car Accident Loan or Accident Loan  company decides to fund you they will send you a contract. When you get them the contract back they will send you the money.

Can I Get Money from The Brown Firm?

In most states, Georgia included,  a lawyer cannot advance money to his client. In some states they can but they cannot charge interest on the loan. Finally, in these trying times of the Coronavirus pandemic the rules remain the same for lawyers.

How Long Does it Take For a Case To Settle?

It is hard to predict exactly how long each individual case will take. If you are going to trial than your case will generally take longer than if you are looking for a settlement. If your case is in a busy jurisdiction, like Atlanta, Georgia,  than your case will take longer than if your case is in a less crowded jurisdiction. Generally, a case can take 2 to 4 years if you are proceeding into a lawsuit. Less than that if you are looking to settle.

How Can I Qualify for a Car Accident Loan?

All Car Accident Funding or Accident Funding companies have their own underwriting standards. Though, as a general matter, there are two primary factors that will determine how much you can qualify for in Car Accident Settlement Loan: The severity of your injuries (the potential value of your case); and the likelihood of proving liability (the chances that you will win your case). The stronger your legal case and the more serious your injuries, the more likely it is that you will be able to obtain a Auto Accident Funding. If you suffered an injury, it is likely that some level of funding will be available. To be clear, your credit score does not matter. All that matter is the quality of your lawsuit.

Can The Brown Firm Help Me in Choosing A Car Accident Loan Company?

Many Car Accident Funding and Accident Loan companies charge a fee to administer or process your loan. Most of those companies will add the fee to the principal amount you are borrowing. Why? because they will make you responsible for paying interest on the fee and the principal combined. For example, if you borrow $1,000 and the fee is $200, they will charge you interest on $1,200 even though you are only getting $1,000.

All Car Accident Loan and Accident Funding companies charge interest. You must be an educated customer to figure out how they charge the interest. Many of these Car Accident Loan companies charge what is called monthly compound interest. This means that the interest rate today goes up from what is was one month ago and so on and so on. 3% monthly compound interest comes to about 70% a year.

You must be mindful of what kind of interest these Accident Loan companies charge. Fixed v Compound Interest will mean a lot of money to you down the road.

Why Redwood Funding for your Accident Loan:

Easy. Because we are the cheapest AutoAccident Funding and Accident Loan Company in America, guaranteed. We never charge fees in any form. Redwood Funding never compounds the interest in any form. We have one fixed rate of 15% of what you borrow for each six months that you have the money. We are so confident that we are the cheapest that we put a Accident Loan Repayment Chart on our website. No other funder in the country does that. Finally no other Car Accident Funding company can match our rates.

In these trying times of Coronavirus, a great law firm is The Brown Firm. If you live in Georgia, if you were the victim of an accident and need money to pay your bills please consider Redwood Funding Group.









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