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Accident Funding & Legal Funding

Redwood Funding Group:

If you were injured in an accident and you are having trouble paying some bills you might need accident funding. Redwood Funding Group provides legal funding so that you can relax during the pendency of your lawsuit. Compare the rates of Redwood Funding Group on this website to any funder in the country.  Why? because you will save thousands of dollars. No fees and No compound interest. We are the hottest accident funding company in the country.

Begin the process by filling out an online Application on this website, you can call us at (212) 349 2844 or you may e mail us at


Accident Funding:

Redwood Funding Group provides accident funding to people who are the victim of any type of accident. If you a slipped and fall or had a car  accident, Redwood Funding Group can help you. We invites you to compare us to the competition and we are pretty certain you will be our client.

First of all, the difference between a legal funding and a bank loan is very simple. You have to pay back a bank loan no matter what. However, with accident funding you only pay us back if you win or settle your case. You don’t have to pay us anything if you lose. That’s a big difference!.

Compare & Save:

Before you borrow from Redwood Funding Group we ask that you compare us to other accident funding companies. Doing so will surprise you. The interest rate at Redwood Funding Group 15% fixed for each six month interval that you have our money. If you borrow $1,000 from us you will pay us $150 for each six months period you have our money. Therefore, there will be no fees in any form. Further, there will be no compound interest in any form. You just pay the 15%. No games.

We challenge you to call our competitors and ask the same question. They creatively advertise rates as low as 3%. However, they don’t tell you that they mean 3% monthly compounded which is about 65% a year. So that $1,000 you borrowed from Redwood Funding Group will only cost you $450 after 18 months, you will owe our competitors over $2,000 or more for the same period. Go ahead, ask them!

Legal Funding:

Our legal funding competitors will also charge you an Application fee or a processing fee or an underwriting fee.  Most noteworthy, they will take that fee and add it to the amount of money you are borrowing. Then they will make you pay interest on the total amount. They offer 3-4% monthly compounded with fees vs. no fees nor compound interest, ever, at Redwood Funding Group. It’s a no brainer!

Other companies will also nickel and dime you by charging as high as $80 just to wire you your principal advance. Redwood Funding Group will only charge you what our bank charges us for a wire. About $30.

Fast, cheap accident funding. Why go anywhere else?

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