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Top 10 Car Accident Funding Companies FL, GA, SC, OH

Who is among the Top 10 Car Accident Funding Companies?

There are many Car Accident Funding Companies. Some bigger than others. Who is in the Top 10 Accident Funding Companies? You might have heard of Oasis Financial, Peachtree Funding, Momentum Funding, Global Funding or Bridgeway Funding. These are all great companies. However, when you are an accident victim and need cash you want to have the knowledge to choose the diamond among the rocks.

What to look for Among Top Legal Funding Companies:

Car Accident victims have many things on their minds. They need to find a get to the best medical care they can find in order to make them well. They need to pay those hefty medical bills that these providers charge. Finally, car accident victims need to continue their stream of income that they had while working. How are they going to do all three and get well at the same time?

Enter: Car Accident Funding Companies:

This is where an advance from a Car Accident Funding company can help. An accident victim can use the cash to pay off those medicals bills. They can use the money to pay their rent, mortgage, phone bills or school bills. Nobody is going to ask ‘how are you going to spend the money’. This is not like a loan from a bank where they do ask those questions. As long as you can prove that you have a worthy car accident case than you can qualify for a legal funding among the Top 10 Accident Funding Companies in the USA.

What to look for in the Top 10 Legal Funding Companies:

The first and most important item to look for in a Car Accident Funding company is price, or better said, the interest rate. Most companies charge a compounded rate of interest. Further, they compound the rate monthly not annually. What does this mean? Compound interest is the interest on a loan or deposit calculated based on both the initial principal and the accumulated interest from previous periods. If the previous period is by the month than a 2.99% interest rate adds up to about 75% a year. Don’t be fooled by low compound interest. it adds up to kill you. Look for companies with a fixed rate of interest. Keep it simple.

Secondly, look for companies that don’t charge fees to do the loan. What do we mean by that? Most companies will charge either a processing fee, an application fee a management fee and even a closing fee. Some Car Accident Funding companies with loads of nerve with charge an ongoing fee throughout the case! Finally, most of these companies will add the fee to the amount you are paying interest on. Therefore, you pay interest on your loan plus the fee. Look for a Legal Funding Company that doesn’t charge any fees. None. Nada.

Finally, how are you going to get your money and who is paying for that? All companies offer a bank wire, Federal Express or something like those services. Please ask how much these Car Accident Companies charge for a bank wire or Fed Ex. A bank wire costs about $30. Many of these Legal Funding Companies charge $150! for a bank wire. Why? So that they can profit on simply sending you your money.

Who is the Top of the Top 10 Legal Funding Company in America?

Redwood Funding Company.

Redwood Funding Company doesn’t charge any fees to do business with you. That means no application, processing, management or closing fees. Never. Furthermore, Redwood Funding Group will not sur charge you to send you your money. Whatever the bank or Federal Express charges us is what we will charge you. This usually means about $30.

Finally, and most important Redwood Funding Group does not compound the interest rate. That means no multiples of monthly compound interest. We have one fixed rate: 15% for every six months. This means, hypothetically if you borrow $1,000 the only money you will owe is is $150 for each six months that you have the money.

Simple. Cheap. Easy. Redwood Funding Group. Why go anywhere else?

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