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Car Accident Loans Georgia?

Car Accident Loans in Georgia. No Fees or Compound Interest. 15% Fixed For Every Six Months That You Have the Money. CHEAPEST! See our Table & Compare.

Redwood Funding Group Wins!

What to Look for when Considering a Car Accident Loan in Georgia?

If you are from Athens or Albany, Atlanta or Troy, the Plains or the City then you need the cheapest Car Accident Loans in Georgia. Consequently, what you should consider when taking out an Accident Funding Loan in Georgia? Price. Hence, we suggest that you ask these 3 questions to any Lawsuit Funding Company in Georgia:

  1. Do you charge fees? Redwood Funding never charges fees.
  2. Do you compound your interest? Redwood Funding never compound interest
  3. What will I owe at the end of the day. See Redwood Funding’s chart on this website.

What is a Car Accident Funding in Georgia?

Accidents in Georgia have been happening for over 100 years. Therefore there have been injured people as a result of these accidents for the same amount of time. Above all, many of these people can’t work.  In addition, some of them will not be able to pay their medical, phone or mortgages. In other words, they will need a cash advance quickly. Enter-Accident Funding in Georgia.

Despite it’s footprint,  one has to carefully navigate among the different car accident loan companies.  With Accident Loan Companies in Georgia multiplying,  choosing the right company can mean the difference in thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars.

Why to Not Take an Accident Loan in Georgia?:Best Lawsuit Loans-Georgia

If you are going to take an Accident Loan in Georgia then you better do your homework. Why? because most Accident Loan Companies in Georgia and everywhere are very expensive. Accident victims need money but they also want a windfall at the end of their lawsuit. This is the major reason why lawyers hate Lawsuit Funding companies. They charge too much anger the client. Obviously, no lawyer wants an angry client because they always end up blaming the lawyer. Therefore, to overcome this hatred of Lawsuit Funding Companies in Georgia, you better find the right one!

How Do I Choose the Right Car Accident Funding Company in Georgia?

If you have a computer or a telephone then you have the answer.  Call a few Law Funding Companies in Georgia. Ask them if they charge fees. Ask them if they compound their interest. Most importantly, ask them point blank what you will owe for the amount you want to borrow. Any Accident Funding Company in Georgia that does not answer your questions, hang up, they probably have something to hide.

The Best Lawsuit Funding Company in 2020 can help you but you have to find it first.

Is Lawsuit Funding in Georgia a Loan?

Technically, money received from a Lawsuit Funding Company in Georgia is called a non recourse loan. What does that mean? It means that you don’t pay it back if you lose. In other words, say you borrow $1,000 from a bank. Whether you can pay the money money back or not, you will always owe the bank the principal and interest. This is true whether you have money to pay them back or not.

However, if you get money from an Accident Loan Company in Georgia, only if you win or settle your lawsuit do you pay back the principal and interest. Therefore, it is not really a loan at all.

Above all, if you need money you should turn to a family member or friend. Hopefully, they won’t charge you interest. However, if you have nowhere else to turn, no credit cards or bank, them apply for a Accident Loan.

Does the Legal Funding  Company in Georgia Take Over The Case?

Another concern of lawyers is that the Car Accident Loans Company will take over the case. Not going to happen. This is illegal in most states.

When a Lawsuit Funding Company in Georgia or anywhere else advances money it may want a hand in the direction of the case. Most states forbid the outside handling of a lawsuit by non lawyers.  The best Accident Funding Companies open their wallet and keep their mouths shut.

In conclusion, in choosing a Legal Funding Company in Georgia this is a non issue.

What Are the Costs of An Accident Loan in Georgia?

Earlier in this article we told you what to ask for from your Accident Funding Company before you sign a contract. Here is a little more of an explanation:  Lawsuit Funding Companies in Georgia make their money from compound interest, fees and incidentals. Compound interest is basically interest on the prior periods interest. If the Lawsuit Funding Company charges monthly compound interest that’s a very high rate of interest. 3% is about 70%. 4% is about 85% a year!

In addition, Accident Funding Companies charge fees to administer the lawsuit. They might call it something cool like an underwriting fee or processing fee but it’s a fee.

Most importantly, most Lawsuit Funding Companies will also charge you interest on the fee! This means if you take a loan of $1,000 with a $200 fee, you pay interest on $1,200 but only get $1,000!. Finally, most Accident Funding Companies will charge a premium to mail or wire you your money over the cost of that same method. A bank wire is about $30. Many Lawsuit Funding Companies charge over $100 for a wire. Same for a Federal Express delivery. Outrageous!

Why Redwood Funding Group is the Best Accident Loan Company in Georgia 2020:

Redwood Funding Group was founded by former personal injury lawyers who know exactly the game being played by other funders. At Redwood Funding Group you will never see a fee in any form, anytime. You won’t see  what looks like a fee but is called a surcharge or something else just to make a few more bucks.  No fee, in any form, ever. You also won’t see compound interest. Not daily, monthly, or yearly. Just no compound interest whatsoever. Redwood Funding Group has one fixed rate for pre settlement funding. You pay 15% for each six month period that you have our money. You can relax and concern yourself only with your lawsuit.

For example, if you borrow $1,000, like in the case above and you have the money for 5 months that means you are in the first six month period. As stated, at 15% that’s $150 for each six months so you owe Redwood period. So for 10 months you would owe $1,300. For 2 years, $1,600. Remember the example above where you are being charged for $1,250 but only end up getting $675? With Redwood Funding Group you get $970 because we deduct only $30 for Federal Express and don’t charge you any fees, as stated. So for 1 1/2 years it’s $1,450 vs. $2,500. It’s a no brainer. For the best and hottest lawsuit cash advance in the country go with Redwood Funding Group.

For accident loans, apply with Redwood Funding Group today by filling out an Application online. It’s that simple.


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