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I Have Georgia Accidents On My Mind

Why Redwood Funding Group:

Redwood Funding Group guarantees you the cheapest accident loan funding in Georgia and the entire country. We have no fees in any form and we never compound our interest rate. There is one fixed rate of 15% for each six months that you have the money. If you borrow $1,000, 15% is $150. So if you have our money  0-6 months you owe us $1,000 plus $150. If you have our money from 6-12 months you owe us $1,000 plus $300. It works the same way until we are paid back and that is all you are going to pay us.

Why Georgia:

RFG has walked the streets of Atlanta, smelled the peanuts in the Plains and saw the harbor in Savannah. We have Georgia on my mind and we are offering you the cheapest and fastest accident loan deal in the state. We bet that you have heard of a couple of the other accident funding companies. Maybe even a friend or two have told you about some that they have heard of. But nobody is going to offer you a better deal for an accident loan than Redwood Funding Group.

The Founding:

You see, Redwood Funding Group was founded by accident lawyers. These lawyers got together one day and decided that their clients were being ripped off by accident funding companies that charged huge fees and also charged crazy compound interest. We have read horror stories of people paying over 100% in interest after just one year. That means that if they borrowed $1,000 on January 1, 2017 then they owed the funding company over $2,000 by December 31, 2017. Do you know what you would owe Redwood Funding Group in that one year? $1,300. That’s all.

What’s Compound Interest:

At Redwood Funding Group, like we said, there are no fees and we mean it. At Redwood Funding Group there is no compound interest and we mean it. Do you even know what compound interest is? why would you, your not a banker! Compound interest means that the interest is based on the previous month or years balance. So if in January you owe $1,450. In February, you might owe $1,650 and it keeps going up and up!.

Fixed Rates:

At Redwood Funding Group we guarantee that nothing like that will ever happen. Our rates are fixed. That means that they are not based on the previous anything. You can figure out pretty easily what you will owe us even before you borrow the money. If you borrow say, $3,000. 15% of $3,000 is $450. So basically, every six months you add another $45o to what you owe us. No funding company in the United States will beat those numbers. We are sure that we have the cheapest rates that we put the repayment schedule right on our website. Click HOME on this page and see what I am talking about.


If were in a car accident in Athens, Georgia or slipped and fell in Albany, Georgia then you need to fill out an Application on our website Application page. If you were hurt in Troy or had an accident in Cobb County, Georgia then this is the accident funder you want to help you save big.

We won’t take a big bite out of your settlement. We will get you your money fast and we guarantee that you will glad that you contacted us. Redwood Funding Group: Cheap, Fast, Easy.

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