Guaranteed Rate Chart


Legal Funding0-6 mo. 6 mo.-1 yr. 1 yr.-18 mo. 18 2 yr.2yr to 2 ½ yr.
$1,000 $1,150$1,300$1,450$1,600$1,750
$1,500 $1,725 $1,950 $2,175 $2,400 $2,625
$2,000 $2,300 $2,600 $2,900 $3,200 $3,500
$2,500 $2,875 $3,250 $3,625 $4,000 $4,375
$3,000 $3,450 $3,900 $4,350 $4,800 $5,250
$3,500 $4,025 $4,550 $4,812 $5,075 $5,600
$4,000 $4,600 $5,200$5,800$6,400$7,000
$5,000 $5,750 $6,500 $7,250 $8,000 $8,750
$7,500 $8,625 $9,750 $10,875 $12,000 $13,125
$10,000 $11,500 $13,000$14,500 $16,000 $17,500
$15,000 $17,250 $19,500 $21,750 $24,000 $26,250
$20,000 $23,000 $26,000 $29,000 $32,000 $35,000
$50,000 $57,500 $65,000 $72,500$80,000 $87,500
$100,000 $115,000 $130,000 $145,000 $160,000 $175,000

Accident Funding, Legal Funding, Lawsuit Loans & Pre Settlement Funding at Fixed Guaranteed Rates.


Redwood Funding Group was founded by a group of personal injury lawyers with over 100 years of legal experience. We decided to start a pre settlement funding company when we realized the problems clients face during the course of a lawsuit. While the clients were expecting a successful verdict at the end of the process they still had to make ends meet during its pendency. That's when Redwood Funding Group came into being.

So we asked ourselves what are the best ways to address the hardships faced by our clients. They had rent bills, phone bills, school payments and car payments, among others. To address those needs we came up with a company that eases the clients financial burden not adds to it. The most common complaints about lawsuit funding and accident loan companies involved three areas: 1) Extremely high interest rates creatively advertised as low rates because they were monthly rates. 2) Interest that compounded upon itself every month, so that often those ``low`` monthly rates ended up being 50, 60 or even 70% a year! and, 3) Fees charged by the pre settlement funding company that were added to the principal so that the client was paying interest on principal and fees.

Redwood Funding Group decided that this gouging of the client had to stop. We ended that process in one bold move. Finally, pre settlement funding without any fees in any form. Lawsuit funding without any compounding the rate of interest. And lastly, one fixed rate of 15% every six months. Nothing is added to the principal that you pay interest on and the amount owed is fixed. In one bold move Redwood Funding Group upended the pre settlement funding industry. Apply with us and put an end to high fees, high interest and more financial pain.

From the moment I contacted Redwood Funding, they explained the legal funding process and it was simple and easy! I borrowed from them 3 different times and every time it was seamless. They saved me a lot of money over other pre settlement funding companies. I would definitely use them again for my legal funding needs.

Mark D.

I researched several legal funding companies. However, Redwood Funding was by far the cheapest and easiest company to work with. Jeff was amazingly helpful and always available. Do not use any other accident funding company. Go with Redwood Funding.

Tara B.

They really are awesome quick n fast!!!! They are the cheapest and best funding company out there way better than the rest. I would recommend them to anyone great choice.

Lala N.

Redwood Funding Group is the best accident funding source to go to while your lawsuit is being settled. There is no high interest or any fees. It’s quick and easy to fill out an application. Mr. Rubin is nice and very understanding. So if you need help call Redwood Funding Group you will not be disappointed!

Vanessa M.

Redwood went above and beyond what I expected. I was in a high interest lawsuit loan at more than 50% interest and Jeff paid it off for me. Any quirks or hang ups Redwood is there. No speaking to CS Reps, the owner handles it all with low low interest. Wish I would’ve found them first. Best accident funding out there.

James B.

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