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Atlanta Accident Loans. Atlanta Lawsuit Loans

Accident Loans with No Fees & No Compound Interest, Ever. Just 15% Fixed For Every Six Months That You Have the Money. Unbeatable! See our Table & Compare

Get The Cheapest Accident Loan or Lawsuit Loan in Atlanta

1) Redwood Funding Group Loves Atlanta:

REDWOOD FUNDING GROUP is the go-to source for accident loans and lawsuit loans in Atlanta. Why? because we are the cheapest, cheapest accident funding company funder in the United States and we are going to prove it to you here:

REDWOOD FUNDING GROUP is a direct non recourse lender with a majority of its clients coming out of Atlanta and the surrounding counties of Georgia. We are prepared to offer you accident loans and lawsuit loan funding with NO FEES and NO COMPOUND INTEREST, EVER! Just 15% for every six months you have the advance.

Apply with Redwood Funding Group today:  Simply fill out an Application on this website or call at (212) 349 2844.

REDWOOD FUNDING GROUP provides non recourse accident loans on all types of personal injury cases – however Motor Vehicle accidents are by far the most common type of case funded in Atlanta. We do this with no fees and no compound interest. We charge a 15% every six month fixed rate and that’s all.

2) The Competition:

Most accident loan or lawsuit loan companies make their money is several different ways.


First, when you apply for a loan with any of these legal loan companies they are going to charge you a fee. They will call that fee a processing, application, underwriting or administrative fee. The truth is that the fee is just the first way they are going to make money off of you, their customer! The fee might be based upon the amount of money you  borrow. The more money you borrow the bigger their fee is going to be.

REDWOOD FUNDING GROUP never charges a fee in any form whatsoever, never.

Secondly, these other accident loan or lawsuit loan companies are going to add the fee to the amount of money you are borrowing. For example, if you borrow $1,000 and the fee is $200, they are going to treat this as a $1,200 loan or advance. Here’s what that means:

Compound Interest:

The lawsuit loan or accident loan company is going to charge you interest, of course. They might advertise that the interest rate is 3 or 4%. That sounds like a pretty good deal. However, they don’t mean 3 or 4% a year, they mean 3 or 4% compounded a month!. Do you know what 3 or 4% interest compounded monthly is? about 70-85% a year!. Therefore, you are paying 85% interest on a $1,200 loan.

REDWOOD FUNDING GROUP does not compound the interest.


In addition, these accident loans or lawsuit loan companies will offer you many ways to receive your money. Bank wire, Western Union, Federal Express, etc. However, they are not going to charge you what Federal Express charges them. They will put a premium on that cost and charge you two or three times that amount. A bank charge to these other funders might cost them $30 but they will charge you $125!

REDWOOD FUNDING GROUP charges you what we are charged and we show you the bill.

Finally,  since they are paying out of pocket for this Federal Express they will deduct that amount, say $125, from your advance. Therefore, instead of getting $1,000 you will be getting $875. Remember you are still paying monthly compounded interest on $1,200!

REDWOOD FUNDING GROUP will never play those games.

Lastly, When you call one of these lawsuit loan or accident loan companies ask them what exactly you will owe them after 1,2, or 3 years for the amount that you borrow. We bet most, if not all, of them will not give you a straight answer.

How do we know this? Because REDWOOD FUNDING GROUP was founded by personal injury lawyers looking to give clients the best deal possible and so we eliminated the games. Don’t believe us? Call a couple of the big name lawsuit loan or accident loans companies and ask them:

  1. Do you charge fees?
  2. Do you compound your interest?
  3. How much will I owe you exactly for the amount that I want to borrow after 1,2 and 3 years?


We are prepared to offer residents of the great State of Georgia, accident loans and lawsuit loans with NO FEES EVER. WITH NO COMPOUND INTEREST EVER. ONE FIXED RATE OF 15% EVERY SIX MONTH WITH NO PREMIUMS ON BANK WIRES or FEDERAL EXPRESS EVER.


Apply online at this website today and you might get your money in a few hours or call (212) 349 2844.


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