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Georgia Lawsuit Funding PreSettlement Loans

Presettlement Loans with No Fees & No Compound Interest, Ever. Just 15% Fixed For Every Six Months That You Have the Money. Unbeatable! See our Table & Compare.


If you are looking for presettlement  or lawsuit funding then REDWOOD FUNDING GROUP is the only one you need to call. First of all, REDWOOD FUNDING GROUP has helped distribute millions of dollars to accident in Georgia who need help paying bills. All you need to do is fill out an Application on our website and we are good to go.

Moreover, we can get you your money as quickly as you and your lawyers can sign the contract for the lawsuit funding.

Cheap Presettlement Loans:

Why should you use REDWOOD FUNDING GROUP? Above all, because we are the cheapest presettlement or lawsuit funding company in the country and we prove it. Call and few presettlement or accident funding companies and we bet that this is what you are going to hear: They charge fees.  We don’t. They compound their interest rate. We don’t. They charge over $30 to send a wire or Federal Express. We don’t. They won’t show you how much you will owe on their website for all to see. We do!.

The cheapest presettlement funding company in America!

No Fees No Compounding:

REDWOOD FUNDING GROUP doesn’t charge any fees. No application fees, no underwriting fees, no closing or processing fees. For instance, we also don’t advertise that our interest rate is 3% or 4% and not tell you that it is monthly compounded. Do you know what 3% monthly compounded is? about 75%. This means that you will be paying back double what you borrow in 1 1/2 years.

REDWOOD FUNDING GROUP never compounds the interest. We have one fixed rate of 15% of what you borrow for each six months you have the money.

Here’s Pre Settlement Proof:

For example, if you borrow $1,000 you will owe $150 interest every six months. That’s all folks! We don’t charge you a penny for fees and we only charge you what the bank charges us to send a wire. In addition, we also only charge you what Federal Express charges us to send the money overnight. Just the cheapest presettlement funding deal in the USA!

Are you still not sure who to fund with? REDWOOD FUNDING GROUP will fund: Motor Vehicle Accidents,  Personal Injury Claims, Labor Law Cases, Tractor Trailer Accidents, Burn Victims, Verdicts on Appeal, Premise Liability / Slip and Fall Cases and Negligence Cases. We will also fund ANY settled case.

What You Need To Do:

As long as you are the victim of an accident we can help you. If you have an attorney simply fill out an Application on this website and we will do all the work. Your lawyer will send us a few documents to review. We will send you and the lawyer a contract. And when we get the contract back, voila, you get your money.

If you have time, we suggest you call around to 2 or 3 other presettlement,  accident or lawsuit  funding companies. Ask them the following questions:

  1. Do you charge any fees. If yes, we suggest you keep away from those presettlement companies.
  2. Do you compound your interest monthly? if yes, we suggest you keep away from those presettlement companies.
  3. Above all, how much will I owe exactly for the amount that I want to borrow after 1,2 & 3 years. If you don’t get a straight answer you don’t want to use those presettlement  companies.

In conclusion, Redwood Funding Group tells you right on our website exactly how much money you will owe us after 1,2 & 3 years. No company in the country is willing to show you the money as clearly and upfront as we are!.

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