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Georgia Car Accident Lawsuit Loans Loans

Georgia Car Accident Loans with No Fees & No Compound Interest, Ever. Just 15% Fixed For Every Six Months That You Have the Money. Unbeatable! See our Table & Compare.

Georgia Car Accident Loans

Are you from Georgia? Have you been in a car accident? Do you have outstanding bills to pay? Then you may need a Georgia Car Accident Loan or lawsuit loan from Redwood Funding. Why Redwood Funding? Because you won’t find a cheaper car accident loan company in the great U.S. of A. Georgia is Redwood Funding’ s favorite place to advance people money for a car accident loan.

Why take a lawsuit loan?

A lawsuit can take 3, 4 or 5 years to settle. Moreover, some lawyers wait 2 or 3 years to even bring a lawsuit. That means you can be waiting 7 years before you see a penny out of you car accident. Who is going to pay the bills? If you can’t work who is going to pay the mortgage? That is where Redwood Funding Group steps in to help. We give you money today so you make more money out of your lawsuit tomorrow.

What is a “lawsuit loan“?

A lawsuit loan from Redwood Funding is not really a loan at all.  it is technically called a non-recourse loan. When you take out a loan you owe the money back no matter what. With Redwood Funding you only pay us back if you win or settle your case. If you lose, we lose and you don’t have to pay us back. There are no credit checks. There are no wads of paperwork to fill out.  You only fill out a one page Application and you are good to go. The better your case is, the more money we will advance you. Simple as that. Then you can relax and fight your lawsuit to the max!

Whether you are from Athens or Atlanta, Sandy Springs or Savannah, Macon or Millidge, we can help you with your Georgia car accident loan..

What is the process to apply?

All you need to do is fill out an Application on our website.  Once done, we contact your lawyer for some documents about your case. We make an instant decision to fund you and we send you a contract. Once you send the contract back we wire or Federal Express you the money. In most cases, Redwood Funding Group will get you money within 24 hours from when you apply. It’s that easy!

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