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Lawsuit Cash. Money for Lawsuit

Redwood Funding Group never charges fees and never compounds the interest. One Fixed Rate of 15%. Borrow $1,000, You Owe $150 Every Six Months. That’s It!.

Money for Lawsuit:

First of all, were you involved in an accident where you might have been injured? Additionally, if you were injured in the accident you might have lost your job and your regular source of income. However, what has definitely not stopped are your bills. You almost certainly have rent or mortgage bills. Electric and cell phone bills. Tuition and books. Finally, what about food! You need Money for Lawsuit funding.

As a result, how are you going to pay for these bills if you are out of work? Lawsuit Cash or Money for Lawsuit from a Pre Settlement Funding Company.

Most noteworthy, there are many many Lawsuit Cash Companies around. Some of the more known ones are Bridgeway Legal Funding, Oasis Funding also known as Oasis Financial. There’s Global Funding and Momentum Funding. Cherokee Funding and Buckeye Funding. These are the big guys. By this article we would like you to consider Redwood Funding Group. I would know, I own it.

Lawsuit Cash:

If you are looking to pay your medical bills during a lawsuit then you are choosing a Pre Settlement Funding Company. How? Best answer: Cost or how much are you going to pay at the end of the case.

As a consumer looking for a Money for Lawsuit company you want as much money as possible. However, you might not be thinking about the most important thing: what you have to pay at the end. Consequently, manys Lawuit Cash companies advertise very slickly and attractively. They brag about really low interest rates like 3% or 4%. Don’t be fooled by things like “Easy”or “Fast”. The actors in the advertisements are all so happy and beautiful. What are great way to attract a customer. Wrong!

Be educated. Educated about what the important questions are. Those questions are: 1) Are there fees? 2) How is interest calculated? 3) What exactly would I owe at the end?

Fees in Pre Settlement Funding:

Almost all Money for Lawsuit companies charge fees. Most of them are called application fees or processing fees. Furthermore they might confuse you by calling them underwriting fees or management fees. What do all of these fees mean? Nothing! They are just another way for the Lawsuit Cash company to make money. Therefore, here’s how: You are borrowing $1,000. The Pre Money for Lawsuit company will charge you, say, $200 as an Application fees. They will then add the application fee to the $1,000 principal and charge you interest on $1,200. Is that fair?

Interest on Lawsuit Cash:

All Money for Cash companies charge interest. Consequently, many of them charge compound interest. What is compound interest? Compound interest is interest based upon the previous period. If the compound interest is yearly or annually that’s most fair. Monthly compounded is not fair. Why? 3% monthly compounded interest is about 70% a year. That’s double in about one and one half years. Don’t be tempted by advertisements of 3% interest. Ask if it is monthly compounded.

Incidentals on Cash for Cases:

How are you going to get the money? Most noteworthy, Settlement Funding companies offer bank wires, Federal Express, Western Union USPS Priority Mail, etc. However, most f these companies will charge you triple or quadruple the cost to them. For example, a bank charges $30 for a wire. I have personally seen companies charge $149 for that same wire. It happened to my clients when I practiced accident law in New York City.

Why Redwood Funding Group?:

Redwood Funding Group never charges fees in any form.

We never compound our interest, forget about monthly compound interest! Redwood Funding Group has one fixed rate: 15%  of what you borrow for every six months you have the money.

We charge you what we are charged to send you the money.

The only money Redwood Funding Group makes is the fixed 15% interest you are charged. We are so confident that we are the cheapest Lawsuit Cash or Money for Lawsuits company in America that we have a repayment schedule on our website. Nobody else does that. Nobody comes close to the money you save with Redwood Funding Group.



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