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Georgia Presettlement Funding is No Oasis

Best Presettlement Funding 2020? Redwood Funding Group. No Fees. No Compound Interest. Only 15% Every Six  Months Fixed. Compare The Chart on Our Website To ANY Presettlement Funder and Save Thousands!

Accident Victims:

If you are an accident victim  in Georgia chances are you are not rich. As election season heats up you hear that many Americans live paycheck to paycheck. Therefore, if you have been the victim of an accident in Georgia and need money to pay bills what are your options? You can borrow money from family members or you try and get a bank loan. However, if those options don’t work for you let legal funding  Presettlement Funding by Redwood Funding Group do the job.

Almost all defendants in accidents cases are defended by insurance company lawyers. This means that standing behind them are multi billion dollar corporations. Consequently, these defense lawyers have all the interest to delay and delay your case. Why? because they no are hurting in body and pocketbook. In other words, the longer they drag out the case the more likely it is that you will settle for pennies on the dollar.

Don’t let that happen to you!

Best Presettlement Funding:

Enter Presettlement Funding by Redwood Funding Group.  As decided by the Georgia Supreme Court in 2018, Presettlement Funding is not a loan. This is because if you lose your case you do not have to pay your “loan” back at all. You only pay money back if you win or settle your case.

Many Presettlement Funding companies offer cash advances to accident victims to fight the insurance companies. In other words, many Georgia legal funding companies want you to be their client.  How are you going to choose among those lawsuit funders? COST has been determined to be the number one factor in choosing a Georgia legal funding company.

Your Legal Funding Questions:

Whichever Presettlement Funding company you look at you must ask the following questions:

  1. Do you charge fees? Most Georgia legal funding companies charge a fee to  process, administer or underwrite you loan. Why? Redwood Funding Group never charges any fees, ever.
  2. Do you compound your interest rate? Compound interest  is based on the principal amount and the interest that accumulates on it in every period. Most legal funding companies compound their interest rate on a monthly  basis. Therefore, an attractive 3% interest rates really means about $75 a year!. Redwood Funding Group never compounds the interest rate. Our rate is fixed at 15% every six months. For instance, if you borrow $1,000, you owe $150 for each six month as you have the money. Not 75%!
  3. The Most Important Georgia Legal Funding Question: Exactly how much money will I owe after 1,2, & 3 years. Most companies [for whatever excuse] will not tell you, up front, how much you will owe for the amount that you want to borrow. Conversely, Redwood Funding Group, in this website, has a chart that tells you exactly how much you will owe. No games!

Redwood Funding Group’s Presettlement Funding Process:

What’s the process? Fill out our one page Application on this website. We then request not more than 5 pages of documents from your lawyers. Things like an mri report or police report. Then we decide on funding you and send you a contract. When we get the contract back we wire or Federal Express you the money.

Finally, one of the pitfalls of dealing with most other Georgia legal funding companies is that they will “over charge” you for a bank wire or Federal Express. Most wires or priority mailing cost around $30. That is what Redwood Funding Group will charge you. The cost to them. However, most companies will charge anywhere from $50 to $140  just to send you your money. Worth it?

Try Redwood Funding Group. Check out our reviews on Google. See why we are the hottest Presettlement Funding company in 2020!

For accident loans, apply with Redwood Funding Group today by filling out an Application online. It’s that simple.

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