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Does Ken Nugent Loan to Clients

Cheapest Legal Funding or Accident Loans: No Fees and No Compound Interest. You only pay 15% of the principal for every six months that you have the money. For example if you borrow $1,000 you pay $150 for every six months. This is unbeatable in Legal Funding history! Are you a client of Ken Nugent? Maybe try Redwood Funding if you need cash now.

Ken Nugent Client?:

If you are a client of Ken Nugent and need cash you must apply for Legal Funding or Accident Loans. You do this here in by clicking “Application” at the top of this page. Consequently, we then contact your lawyer by email and/or telephone to discuss your case in brief detail. Finally, once provided with the information we need we immediately decide to fund you and send you a contract.

Why You Might Need Legal Funding or Accident Loans:

An insurance company is paying for the lawyers of the party responsible for your accident. They have a serious incentive to delay your case. Why? Several reasons. Initially, because as long as they still have the money you are entitled to, they make interest on their money. For a billion dollar corporation and thousands of claims this comes out to a lot of money. Secondly, They know, using computer models, that at some point you will be so desperate for money that you will settle your case for less than it is worth.

Legal Funding or Accident loans puts you on even ground against these huge corporations. It buys you the time you need to build up your case and settle or go to trial at your decision.

Is This Right for a Ken Nugent Client:

No two cases are alike. Ask the lawyer Ken Nugent. Once Redwood Funding Group reviews your case we will be prepared to advance you a percentage of your case’s value. Furthermore, the higher the value of the case, the more money we will advance to you.

Legal Funding or Accident Loan Costs/Repayment:

When you are finished reading this article you will be educated enough to know which is the Cheapest Legal Funding or Accident Loans company to go with. Ask Ken Nugent if legal funding is right for you.

The bottom line is that you only have to repay the Legal Funding or Accident Funding if you win or settle your lawsuit. If you lose you owe us nothing. You always have the option to pay us back before you settle your case without any penalty. However, you can always wait until the very end of the lawsuit to pay us back, but only if you win or settle. If you lose you owe us nothing.

Moreover, there is no credit check, there are no fees [most companies have fees] and we don’t bother you again until your lawsuit is settled.

Nevertheless, before you take out any loan from any Legal Funding or Accident Loans company you must ask 3 questions: 1) Do you charge fees? 2) Do you compound your interest? 3) Exactly how much will I owe after 1,2, and 3 years. If you cannot get a direct and straight answer to these questions in your first telephone call, hang up. They probably have something to hide.


Most, but not all, Legal Funding or Accident Loans companies charge fees. They will call it an underwriting, application or opening fee. Some companies will also charge an ongoing management, processing and even a closing fee. Why they need a fee over the interest they charge is beyond our understanding! Be aware of companies that add the fee to the amount of money you are borrowing and make you responsible for interest on principal plus fee.

For example, if you borrow $1,000 and the fee is $200, these companies will make you responsible for interest on $1,200 even though you only receive $1,000.


All Legal Funding or Accident Funding companies charge interest. Don’t be fooled. The issue is whether that interest is fixed or compounded. Furthermore, if it is compounded is it montlhy compounded. Monthly compounded interest is interest in one month based upon the principal and interest in the previous and so on. 3.99% interest might sound like a great deal but 3.99% monthly compound interest is about 75% a year! Beware of monthly compound interest.


You might not pay a pennies thought to the cost of getting your money sent to you. Nevertheless, many Legal Funding or Accident Loans companies will overcharge you or charge a premium on mail services. This means that if a bank charges $30 to send a wire, many Legal Funding or Accident Loans companies will charge you up to $150 for that same wire, depending on how much money you are borrowing. Furthermore, if a Federal Express delivery costs $35 overnight, they might charge you $100 for that same delivery.

Most noteworthy is many companies will deduct the delivery fee from the money you are borrowing. In our example where you borrow $1,000, if they charge you $100 for the Fed Ex, your check will only say $900. Remember, you are responsible for interest on $1,200!.

Be Smart:

As a Ken Nugent client  you already picked a great lawyer. When you first call or scroll for information on Legal Funding or Accident Loans you have a right to get clear answers to all of your questions. Why shouldn’t the person answering the phone at any funding company not know how much the fee is or the exact amount you will owe in 3 years.

Redwood Funding Group:

We are 100% confident that we are the Cheapest Legal Funding or Accident Loans company in America that we put our guaranteed repayment schedule right on our website. We challenge you to find one other Legal Funding or Accident Loans company that puts their repayment on the website. Discuss with Ken Nugent if funding is right for you.

Not only that, but we guarantee that if you compare apples to apples with any other Legal Funding or Accident Funding company you will see that Redwood Funding Group is the cheapest, by far!

No Fees or Compounding, Ever. Just 15% Fixed for every 6 months that you have our money. Borrow $1,000 you will owe $150 every 6 months. Final,y as stated, you pay at the end or whenever you want with no penalty.

Fast, Cheap, Easy Legal Funding or Accident Loans






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