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Florida Lawsuit Loans & Florida Accident Loans

Florida Lawsuit Loans with No Fees & No Compound Interest, Ever. Just 15% Fixed For Every Six Months That You Have the Money. Unbeatable! See our Table & Compare.

Florida Lawsuit Loans:

Live in Florida? In an accident? Redwood Funding  wants to be your Florida Accident Loan and Florida  Lawsuit Loans company. Why? first of all,  we are the cheapest injury funding company in the country. Another reason is because unlike almost all other funders we don’t charge any fees in any form. Furthermore, we also don’t ever do is compound our rate of interest. Hence, at Redwood Funding Group we have one fixed rate of 15% of the principal for every six months. Redwood Funding Group challenges you to find a cheaper accident Pre Settlement or Lawsuit Loans company in the entire U.S.A.

Florida Accident Loans:

Let’s say you live either in Tampa, Port St. Lucie, Miami or Palm Beach, Florida and you were injured in some kind of accident. Yet, while your lawsuit is going on you are unable to work. Consequently, you are unable to pay some of your bills. Maybe you can’t pay your rent. This lawsuit is really becoming a financial strain on your life. While, you trust your lawyer is going to make you some money in a settlement in the meantime you are going crazy with bills. Plus you have a bad injury! What are you going to do? A Florida Accident Loan  or Florida Lawsuit Loan is the answer.

Compare and Save:

It seems like there are tons of Florida Accident Loan and Florida Lawsuit Loans companies out there. Almost all of them advertise on television. Probably, their advertisements are really interesting. After watching one of these commercials you think to yourself “wow,  maybe I can get money upfront, now, and only pay 3% back to these guys? What a great deal? So you take out an $5,000 advance from one of these guys and after 2 years when your lawsuit ends you are told that you owe $17,000. What! is this crazy? How am I going to pay $17,000 when my injury lawsuit only got me a $15,000 settlement and I still have bills to pay. Where did you go wrong?

No Fees, Ever:

What you did wrong was not read the fine print or ask the right questions. At Redwood Funding we are going to make the fine print nice and big and answer all of your questions up front. How? Easy. We never charge you any fees to do this advance. I bet the Florida Lawsuit Loans companies that you call who slickly advertise 3% are going to charge you a fee to do this deal.  Consequently, I bet that they add the fee on to the principal advance that you are getting. This means you are paying interest on the principal that you borrowed and on the fee. That’s not right is it? well at Redwood Funding Group let us make it clear. NO FEES IN ANY FORM, EVER. we don’t even call it something else to get around this promise. No fees. Just the best accident funding.

No Compound Interest, Ever:

I also bet that the Florida Accident Loans company from whom you took an advance told you that the interest was 3% but did they tell you that they meant 3% monthly compounded? Huh? what does that mean. It means that you are not paying 3% total annual yearly interest on your lawsuit advance. You are paying 3% monthly compounded interest. Unless your an Einstein you are not going to know what is so easily. I’ll tel you what it is: about 65%. So this little 3% interest that you think is a great deal is going to cost you an arm and a leg. It will cost your advance double after about 18 months. At Redwood Funding Group let me be clear and especially relevant, there is NO COMPOUND INTEREST, EVER.

Take Our Accident & Injury Challenge:

Redwood Funding Group challenges you. Call 5, 10 or however many lawsuit Florida Accident Loan and Florida Lawsuit Loan companies out there.  Rather, then fall for the 3% trap,  ask them how much you will owe them altogether after one year or two years. Also, ask them if they have fees and compound interest. I bet that they do. Then call us at Redwood Funding Group. Ask us what you will owe us for the same amount. I bet that you will owe Redwood Funding Group like 1/3 of what you will owe these other guys. Yet, there wont be any fees or compounding.

All Over the Country:

In conclusion, whether you are from St. Pete, Daytona, Boyton or the Everglades! call us. Redwood Funding Group will stop your financial problems and not rob you in the process. We will be up front and honest with you about what you will owe. Therefore, we wont scam you out of your settlement and most noteworthy we bet you that you will be a happy customer. Whether you are from Atlanta, Georgia, Scranton, Pennsylvania or Pasadena, California, Redwood Funding Group also will get you your money on the same day, if you wish. Lastly, we won’t overcharge you do do a bank wire or Federal Express. Ask these other companies what they are going to charge you for that as well. We are only going to charge you $30!

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Finally, Redwood Funding Group was founded by former personal injury lawyers with over 100 years experience. As a result, we know the problems you face when you are in a lawsuit. Most of all,  Redwood Funding Group.  knows the financial strain that you are under.  Consequently, This company was created to help you with your financial needs, not make them worse. So apply with us right now by filing out an online Application right here on our website. Get your Florida accident loan NOW! .

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