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Does 855 Baker Law Loan Money to Clients

Redwood Funding Group offers Accident Loans with no fees and no compound interest. We have one fixed rate: 15% of the principal for every six months that you have our money. Does Ally Lawsuit Loans or MyAccidentCashAdvance beat that. No Nolo.

Baker Law:

One of the best law firms in the country for accident victims is 855 Baker Law. The lawyers in The 855 Baker Law firm have settled probably over $1,000,000,000 worth of cases. They are the very best. However they cannot loan their clients money. That is where Redwood Funding Group comes in to play.

Redwood Funding Group offers Lawsuit Loans to victims of accidents. All of these advances are called non-recourse and that is because if you lose, you do not have to pay the loans back.

As a result, whether you take your Accident Loan from Redwood Funding, Ally Lawsuit Loans or MyAccidentCashAdvance you only pay the loans back if you win or settle your lawsuit. Therefore, there is no risk if you lose. Unlike American Pride Legal Funding which advertises “no upfront application fees and no monthly fees”, Redwood Funding has no fees at any time, ever. See the difference?

How do  Accident Loans Work?

Accident victims who need money apply for these loans which are often called Lawsuit Loans, Accident Loan or Legal Funding. After receiving the application the Legal Funding company will review your case with your lawyer. Once a decision is made to fund you a contract is sent for signature. Then the money is sent to you, the accident victim. Especially relevant is that there are no credit checks. You are getting money to day in exchange for paying it back, plus interest in the future. Again, if you lose, you pay nothing.

855 Baker Law   Helps You:

Significantly, individuals in accidents often have medical bills, hospital bills and transportation bills to the doctors to pay for. This is in addition to the regular, rent, food and phone bills they have all the time. If an individual is disabled or can’t work as a result of an accident how are they going to pay the regular bills and now the new bills. The answer is with Accident Loans. A Pre Settlement Loan from American Pride Legal Funding, Ally Lawsuit Loans or redwood Funding will help alleviate those pressures so that you can concentrate on your recovery and fight for your lawsuit.

Why Do I Want a Loan?

Presumably, the individual or company that you are claiming hurt you has insurance. It might be homeowners or car insurance but suffice it to say, someone is paying for the high priced lawyers opposing your case. Consequently, that same insurance company will also eventually pay they settlement or verdict in your case. Trust me when I say, that is the last thing they want to do.

Most noteworthy, is that insurance companies will try to delay and delay your case. It allows them to earn interest on the money that they might pay you and it makes you more likely to suffer and consequently settle for less than your case is worth.

Legal Funding Helps You Fight:

In addition to paying those household and medical bills, a Lawsuit Loan from Redwood Funding will arm you to fight those insurance companies and allow you to settle or go to trial. The extra cash gives you peace of mind, buys you time and pays your bills. Seems like 3 for the price of 1. You do not want to  accept a settlement that does not fully compensate you for your injuries.

Why Legal Funding with Redwood Funding:

Redwood Funding never charges fees. Asl Ally Lawsuit Loans or MyAccidentCashAdvance if they charge any fees. Furthermore, Redwood Funding never compounds your interest rate. Compound interest in interest on top of the interest and principal of the previous period. Most important, monthly compound interest can start as low as 2% or 3% and end up being 75% a year.  When you add the fee to the principal interest, that’s a lot of money.

How Much Money Will I Owe:

Redwood Funding group is the only  Lawsuit Funding company in America that has a full and complete repayment chart on their website. That’s right. Only with Redwood Funding will you be able to see, on the website, exactly how much your lawyer will be putting on the check paying back your lawsuit loan.

Ask Ally Lawsuit Loans, MyAccidentCashAdvance or Nolo if they do that!






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