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Redwood Funding Group never charges fees and never compounds the interest. One Fixed Rate of 15%. Borrow $1,000, You Owe $150 Every Six Months. That’s It!.

Redwood Funding Group: Tampa & Orlando

No personal injury loan company in the entire country will offer you a better deal than Redwood Funding Group. Not only do we have the lowest rates-15% of  what you borrow for each six months but we have no fees or compound interest. See our guaranteed repayment chart and compare to ANY other Tampa & Orlando  lawsuit finance company. We simply are the cheapest & best.

Begin the process by filling out an online Application on this website. You can call us at (212) 349 2844 or you may e mail us at


Personal Injury Loans Explained:

If you are the victim of an accident and are having trouble paying your bills you may qualify for a  Tampa & Orlando Lawsuit Finance loan from Redwood Funding Group. Bills don’t stop coming just because you might be sidelined. You might even be out of work due to injuries suffered in the accident. Redwood Funding Group will give you money to pay those bills and give you a chance to fight your lawsuit.

A personal injury loan from Redwood Funding is not really a loan at all. The big difference is that when you get a loan from the bank you must pay it back under every circumstance. A  Tampa & Orlando Lawsuit Finance loan from Redwood Funding does not get paid back if you lose your lawsuit. You heard that correctly. You only pay us back if you win.

Tampa & Orlando Lawsuit Finance:

If you were in an accident and have a lawyer then you probably qualify for one of these types of personal injury loans. The problem is how do you decide among all the companies and advertisements out there. Many Tampa & Orlando Lawsuit Finance companies have really slick looking advertising. What should you look for when picking a personal injury loan company? Cost. Ease. Quality.

The Cost of a Personal Injury Loan:

The items to consider when we say cost are interest, fees and surcharges.


Many Tampa & Orlando Lawsuit Finance companies will advertise that they have 3% interest. We think that is a great interest rate if that is all it is. However, what you must look into is how that 3% is charged. If the interest is 3% annually that’s a great rate of interest. However, if the interest is 3% monthly compounded then we gotta start raising the red flags. Consequently, 3% monthly compounded interest is about 70% a year. That’s because compounded interest grows based upon the previous periods principal and interest. If you do this on a loan for 12 months you are going to have 70% interest, not 3% like you thought. Therefore, the first question to ask is: Do you compound your interest monthly?


When you go into a store and ask ‘how much is that pack of gum’? the storekeeper will respond ‘.75 cents, please’. He won’t say the pack is .75 cents but the processing fee for the gum is another .25 cents. That’s nuts. However, when you take out a Tampa & Orlando Lawsuit Finance loan from most of these companies they are going to charge a fee.

The fee might be called an application fee, a processing fee, an underwriting fee. In other words, not only are they going to charge you monthly compound interest for your loan but these personal injury loan companies are going to stick you with a fee to boot.

Moreover, they are going to add the fee, say $250, to the amount you are borrowing and make you pay interest on both the principal and fee. So that $1,000 loan just became a $1,250 loan but you are only going to see $1,000 in your pocket. They just made $250 on you and you haven’t even gotten your money.


If you ask to have your money wired from one of these companies how much are they going to charge you for it? Moreover, what if you don’t have a bank account and you want your money by Federal Express. What’s that going to cost?

A lot.

In our experience a bank wire costs about $30 to do. Furthermore, an over night envelope from Federal Express also costs about $30. Ask most of these Tampa & Orlando Lawsuit Finance companies what they charge for these services and we bet the answer is either 1) between $50 and $150, or 2) it depends upon how much you are borrowing. Why should it depend on how much you are borrowing? the check doesn’t weigh more if the check is $500 or $5,000!

Lastly, these personal injury loan companies will deduct the surcharge on the mailing or wire from your check. So if your loan was for $1,000 you will receive a check from Federal Express for $900. Remember that you are responsible for $1,250 on day one due to the fees. That is just unbelievable.

Redwood Funding Group to the Rescue:

Redwood Funding Group will never charge you a fee in any form. We will never compound the interest. Finally, whatever the bank or Fed Ex charges us for the delivery is what we charge you. Not a penny more. No fees. No compound interest. Just 15% fixed for every six months that you have the money. Fill out an Application on this website or call (212) 349 2844.

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