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Top 10 Accident Funding Companies, FL, GA, SC OH

Top 10 Accident Funding Companies: No Fees, No Compound Interest. Just 15% Interest every Six Months. That’s it! At Redwood Funding Group.

Do You Need Legal Funding:

If you have been the victim of an accident you may need funding from a Top 10 Accident Funding Company. Why? because the cheapest lawsuit funding gives you the financial space you will enable you to make the most out of your lawsuit. In other words, lawsuits can take 3, 4 or even 5 years. The insurance companies think if they drag out the case you will settle for pennies on the dollar. A lawsuit funding enables you to fight fire with fire and get 100% of what you deserve.


Not being able to pay your medical bills or your mortgage is a very stressful proposition. Therefore, a little money in your pocket will relieve that stress and give you a safety net for your comfort. Don’t settle your lawsuit for less than what it is worth. Consider  one of the Top 10 Accident Funding Companies like Redwood Funding Group.

Why You Need Redwood Funding Group:

Redwood Funding Group is prepared to empower you against the giant insurance companies opposing your payout. For instance, insurance companies has the patience to ride out your litigation. A lawsuit funding from a Top 10 Accident Funding Company like Redwood Funding Group will give you that same advantage at the cheapest rates. Finally, by receiving the cheapest lawsuit funding or legal funding in Georgia you and your attorney can work together without the pressure of time in order to receive the highest settlement possible for your lawsuit.

Redwood Funding Group was  founded over a decade ago by personal injury lawyers. Our experience has taught us what you greatest concerns are at this point in your litigation. We know that you want to make the most money you can our of your litigation. You also want to be able to manage your lifestyle while you are waiting for this payout. Finally, you want to do it in the easiest and fastest way possible.

Redwood Funding Group will provide you with all of these comforts and more!

Compare Other Top 10 Accident Funding Cos:

Above all, most lawsuit funding companies are owned by giant hedge fund, private equity groups and other Wall Street sounding names. Try calling one of these giant lawsuit funding and legal funding companies on the telephone and you will feel like David vs. Goliath. Redwood Funding Group is a boutique, exclusive and one of the highest rated lawsuit funding companies in the country. Most importantly, it is the cheapest lawsuit funding company in the country. Here’s how and why:

Legal Funding Fees:

When you borrow money from these Goliath’s, as we said, you are going to have to pay a fee to do this deal. They might call it a processing fee or an underwriting fee. However, make no bones about it, it’s going cost you just to do business with them. Bottom Line: Redwood Funding Group has no fees in any form, ever.

If you look up Top 10 Accident Funding Companies or legal funding you might be overwhelmed by the results.  Similarly, there are dozens if not hundreds of these kinds of companies. How do you choose the one that’s right for you? Well, you might look to the interest rate that they charge you to borrow money. By and large, these companies will advertise a very attractive interest rate, say 3 or 4%. Geez, that sounds like a deal deal. Needless to say, you would be WRONG!

Lawsuit Funding Interest:

Finally, when these companies say 3 or $% what they really mean is monthly compounded. 3% monthly compounded is about 75% a year! Remarkable, but most lawsuit funding companies do not tell you this up front. Redwood Funding Group displays on this website the exact amount you will owe us from 1 to 3 years.

Lastly, ask these companies how much they will charge you for a wire transfer of $5,000. Our bet is that it will cost you close to $100! Redwood Funding Group charges you the $30 Chase Bank charges us for a wire transfer.

Legal Funding May be Right For You:

In conclusion, I hope if you are reading this far you are somewhat convinced that Redwood Funding Group is the way to go for lawsuit funding. If you are not totally convinced see what over 100 of our loyal customers have said in the most recent reviews on Google:…0.0..0.144.1158.13j2……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i131.1fz5tSLvGJ0

If you are interested in lawsuit funding just fill out an Application on this website. Or, you can call us at (201) 357 4124.


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