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Best Lawsuit Loans Companies FL, GA, SC, OH

UNBEATABLE: No Fees. No Compound Interest. Just 15% Fixed Interest Every Six Months. Compare Our Repayment Chart on the Web Site to ANY Lawsuit Loans Company and see why we are the Cheapest in the Nation!

Lawsuit Loans Company:

+ Why Choose Redwood Funding for an Accident Cash Advance or Lawsuit Funding? First of all, because Redwood Funding has the cheapest rates, guaranteed, for your Lawsuit Funding. Moreover, our guaranteed repayment chart lays out exactly what your lawyer will be paying us back at the end of your case. Compare those numbers to any other Pre Settlement Funding Company and you will see the proof.

+ How long do accident loans take to process? Once you fill out our online Application we immediately request a few documents from your lawyer. Consequentyl, after we review those documents, on the spot, we send you a contract and then send you your money. Hence, this can all happen in a matter of hours.

Lawsuit Funding:

+What is the interest rate of accident cash advance? Most Legal Funding companies charge a monthly compound interest rate. Therefore, this means the interest today is based upon interest last month. Consequently, a small interest rate like 2.99%, if compounded monthly can be as high a 75% a year. Redwood Funding never compounds the interest rate. We have one fixed rate of interest for your Lawsuit Funding & Legal Funding: 15% of your principal for every six months that you have the money. You will see that no other Lawsuit Loans company comes close to beating this rate.

+ Are Accident Loans really loans? No. As a result, they are called non-recourse loans because if you lose your case you never have to pay us back. Most noteworthy, you only pay us back if you win or settle your Lawsuit Funding case.

+ Do I need to have a lawyer  to qualify? What part does my lawyer play? Yes, you must have a lawyer. In addition, the lawyer will both supply us the documents that we request and he will sign a part of the Legal Funding contract.

+ Can I borrow money straight from my lawyer? If some states yes but in others this is an ethical violation. Especially relevant, Lawsuits Loans company in 2020 make it easy in every state.

Accident Loans:

+ Can I get a loan on a car accident settlement? Yes. Redwood Funding is prepared to advance you money before you settle your case and after it is settled and before you get your money.

+  What can I use the money I borrow for? Anything you like.

+ Are Accident Cash Advance  or Legal Funding loans right for me? You should discuss this with your lawyer. Redwood Funding will not try to “hard sell” you a loan.

+ How do I get a Lawsuit Funding for my case? You simply fill out an Application on the website or call (212) 349 2844. Your  Accident Loans can be handled in one phone call.

+ Do I need to find a Lawsuit Funding company that provides an Accident Cash Advance near my home? No. The  Lawsuit Loans company can be in Hawaii! because the money is sent to you by a daily bank wire or overnight Federal Express.

+ When will I receive my Lawsuit Funding after I am approved. Right away if you apply with Redwood Funding.

Pre Settlement Funding:

There are hundreds of Pre Settlement Funding companies in this country. If you choose any of them we urge you to ask them 3 questions:

  1. Do you charge fees? Redwood Funding never does.
  2. Do you compound your interest? Redwood Funding never does.
  3.  What exactly will I owe you after 1,2, & 3 years. No company except Redwood Funding has a guaranteed repayment chart on the 1st page of the website. We beat all of them.

Search the internet, ask around, then compare whatever numbers you get with Redwood Funding. We will not be beaten. Apply now!

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